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Amsterdam: 08th April
Cincinnati: 13th May
Bratislava: 20th May
Brno: 10th June

MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other digital analytics conference

In Short...

MeasureCamp was an idea conceived back in mid 2012 for a different type of Digital Analytics conference. We wanted something different to the traditional conference and were inspired by BarCamps.

The solution is a conference which is free to attend but held on a Saturday, so you must want to be there. A conference where everyone is welcome and indeed encouraged to contribute a session. Where sessions may be presentations or discussions or workshops or even game shows.

It sounds a bit chaotic and it can be. But out of that chaos, something special happens. People freely share their ideas and discover themselves learning more. The community grows. The success is in the growth, from 120 people at the 1st MeasureCamp in Sept 2012 to MeasureCamp being held in 11 cities around the world in 2016, with more continuously joining in the fun.

Knowledge through Community

MeasureCamps are run by the Digital Analytics community, for the Digital Analytics community

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